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Blue Tea College
Campus perfecty locatied at the shoreside of Blue Tea County. To develop a wide diversity of student talents, there is not only the main academic building, but also the special study building at West Wing, and the extracurricular department building at East Wing. Student dorm and canteen serves a great living community for students who lives far away from school.

Campus Facilities
School Canteen
Provides balanced and nutritious lunch at bargain prices. There is rumour about "Blue Tea Dark Menu for Free", but nobody has any proofs.
Student Union Room
The place nurturing Student Union's crazy plans. Tea parties at all times. Mascots of the Student Union: Mr Seal can be easily found here.
Music Room and Recording Studio
Equiped with all variety of instruments, with a well-insulated recording studio that matches professional production standard. Rumour says that a famous female singer pair has recorded their CD single here once.

Blue Tea County Residential Area
European style architecture and a leisurely mood. It feels relaxed walking along the street. The park covers a large area of the town and is very suitable as a stray cat habitat. Cat lovers please keep calm and enjoy being surrounded by cute cats.

Blue Tea County Shopping Street
Restaurants, cafes, foodstands, bookstores, boutiques... all in this glass-roofed shopping street! The best chill out place on a weekend. The legendary hidden gourmet - the devilishly good Taiyaki fish-shaped bread stand is also located here! Many Celebrities come and mark a stamp!
Stay tuned for more Blue Tea County sightseeing info!