A lullaby for baby werewolf (Music credit: dova-s.jp)
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Student List
Good at coming up with crazy campus event proposals which everybody finds it hard to avoid participating (almost masochistically). "Even if it's tragedy, it worths if the process makes you laugh hard!" Playfully ill-minded. Lacks sense on financials and numbers, can't take care of herself well. Very sensitive when it comes to her height. Seldom found on campus. Mysterious and you have no clue what she's planning next. The start of everything in Blue Tea College. Key person for all text-base creations.

Uncontrollable monkey with endless

outrageous ideas for college events!

Chairman of Student Union
Class 2B
Age 17
Birthday 27 Dec
Horoscope Capricorn
Hobbies Digging Her Own Grave, Storie and Character Settings, Pranks, Visually Interesting Food (Regardless Taste)