A lullaby for baby werewolf (Music credit: dova-s.jp)
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Student List
Heavy Otome Game addict. Melancholic story ending lover. Good at handcraft and fabric art. Fond of bird cage accessories. Quiet and weak on the look, with unexpectedly firm determination: once decided to do something she'll cling on it till the end. This is known as "Shizuku's perseverance" by the Student Union. Didn't belong to any extracurricular departments initially but dragged into the Student Union as Secretary. Seeing the chaotic account, she couldn't help but began to tidy things up. In charge of Art, Finance, Book-keeping, and all kind of (Otome-related) consultation.

The otome pro, cross dimensional romantist

(Forced to be) Secretary
Class 2B
Age 16
Birthday 9 Aug
Horoscope Leo
Hobbies Otome Games and Products, Fabric Art, Soothing Music, Covering up Graves (Dug by Chairman)