A lullaby for baby werewolf (Music credit: dova-s.jp)
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Student List
Quiet and calm with a natural "forest" style. Always wears hats. Loyal and respect school rules (which is rare in Blue Tea College). Serious and efficient. Able to cool people down with one simple order, for which she earns the name of "Monkeys Manager". Friendly, capable, mature and reliable, but has gotten a bit fierce since becoming the Blue Tea Tarot Cardkeeper... (???) Popular among students, teachers, even the Headmaster. In charge of art, sound, plannning and external communications. Basically all executive work for Student Union.

The Sanity of Student Union. "Monkey Manager".

Vice Chairman and Head Prefect
Class 2S
Age 17
Birthday 19 Jan
Horoscope Capricorn
Hobbies Forest Style Items, Sorting Data, Executing (Chairman's) Plans, Covering up Graves (Dug by Chairman)