A lullaby for baby werewolf (Music credit: dova-s.jp)
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No incidents could sneak from her information network. Her reach is everywhere inside campus. For "fun", "cool", "awe" and other similar reasons, she would probably force her "interviewees" to "make news". The most scary (?) person inside campus. Super pro-active and irresistable. Her other identity is Nana in the infamous idol pair "Mimi & Nana". (She does admit boldly when asked, to a degree nobody believes...) In charge of Art, Photography, Idol Manager(?).

The school paper reporter of all-directional

first-hand information

The (Scary) School Paper Reporter
Class 1A
Age 15
Birthday 24 Mar
Horoscope Aries
Hobbies Photography (Mainly Sneaky Snapshots), Interview, Hoax, Mobile Games