A lullaby for baby werewolf (Music credit: dova-s.jp)
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Being a real beauty herself, Meo is also a make-up master. Her magic hands can turn all mess into miracle. Very popular on campus. A lucky star - Always wins lotteries or prizes. Wears a sweet smiling face casually when talks about scary stuffs, and very good at dressing up as ghosts, making her the best actress for horror performances or Halloween. Her other identity is Mimi in the infamous idol pair "Mimi & Nana". (She does admit boldly when asked, to a degree nobody believes...) In charge of Art, Photography and Video, Makeup and Image Postproduction.

The professional face swapper - make-up magic hands

Drama Club Make-up Specialist
Class 1A
Age 15
Birthday 4 Jun
Horoscope Gemini
Hobbies Cooking (Best Dish - Japanese Egg Roll), Drama and Stage Fashion, Mobile Games, Cats